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[OOC] Contact Post

If you need to reach me for any reason -- whether that's to plot RP stuff, ask a question, or just comment on something you've seen here, this is the place to do it.

Comments are screened by default, and if you'd rather I reply via email or something so the reply doesn't unscreen your comment, let me know.

I can also be reached via AIM as foppishtrollop pretty much 24/7, though I've usually got an away message up. Don't let that stop you, though.

ALSO: For those looking for Mr. Smith's fobwatched counterpart, the BTR-version of him can now be found at thedoctorbot. Because putting a Time Lord consciousness in a tiny Gallifreyan scout-bot leads to adorable fun for all!
Has anyone seen Rose Tyler?

She left the flat without a word.

I'm going to go looking, but PLEASE just tell me she's with one of you.
There's a tiny little robot that's been scuttling around the insides of the TARDIS, poking at systems he can't normally reach... Not changing anything, not really, just investigating, tightening the odd loose power coupling, making sure everything's working as needed...

And devoting a bit of processing time to working out the bugs in the morphogenic field limiter.

He is not happy with this idea at all, but so it goes.

The fact that he's been avoiding the Vesmier after the death of the Vesadillo is completely coincidental, really. Just ask him.

But there's only so much avoiding even the Doctor can do, so he leaves the insides of the TARDIS eventually, and then goes looking.

:: Ko-- ?? ::

...those psychic dampeners never are going to stay consistent, aren't they?

[Multiple Locks]

[Locked: Torchwood, Elashte, the Vesmier]

Hello! The Doctor that's not currently in a tiny robot body asked me to get in touch with certain people, you among them.

I'm in the TARDIS right now, and from all hops she's been making, I'm assuming she's acting under orders from the other Doctor, but keep me posted on what's going on, where everyone's going to be, and I'll meet up with all of you very, VERY soon.

== The (other) Doctor


[Locked to John Smith]

The other Doctor's been most likely captured by certain very unpleasant people, so I have a few requests to make:

+ KEEP OUT OF TROUBLE. I mean that. STAY INSIDE. STAY SAFE. We don't want them getting suspicious of someone who looks just like the man they kidnapped wandering about, and I'd rather people who are hostile to me not find out just who and what you are.

+ Keep an eye on Rose and Martha, as much as you can. What I'd do in this situation is try to get them into the TARDIS. See if you can go with them. Safer for everyone. On second thought, I'll just ask the TARDIS if she can pick you up.

+ For goodness' sake, don't panic. Or do anything tremendously stupid like deciding to open the watch. I'm working on it, no body needed.

== The Doctor


[Locked to the TARDIS]

attn:entity{TARDIS} {

request{(you)(retrieve:{me})} ??


form{current} == condition{limited} !! :(


[Locked to the Casa del OT3]

[[Backdated to sometime last night.]]

Just so you know:

There's a girl who came through the fireplace, name of Maria Jackson. Looks to be around fourteen or fifteen. I set her up in the downstairs bedroom and let her have the run of the kitchen.

I hope nobody minds, not my house and all, but I can't very well turn out young ladies who end up here through no fault of their own.

Doctor, something that might be of especial interest to you: she knows Sarah Jane Smith. If it's not presumptuous of me to suggest this, I thought you might like to have a word with her.
Since I'm sure no one will have bothered filling you in, and you're probably going to be neck deep in chaos by the time you get back, I'm just going to let you know:

1) The Dalek that posted in the journals earlier seems harmless now. I wish I could say that was me, but just after I showed up to try and stop it killing Jack repeatedly, a giant mutated jackrabbit kicked it into a very small Rift. The Dalek's still alive, and rather surly, but it hasn't managed to exterminate anyone that I know of. Other than Jack, of course. And the rabbit, poor thing.

2) There's been quite a bit of chaos involving some sort of fear gas that was released near the Conrad, and the Vesmier was stabbed in one of his hearts. He'll be fine -- he's in a healing trance right now, and I'm keeping an eye on him. And the Dalek.

Just thought I'd let you know. Don't want you worrying overmuch.

== The (other) Doctor

[Public] Testing, test-- AHA

Well, I seem to be tied into the journal network, at least. Took long enough getting things working, but here I am, everything more-or-less functional.

For those unfamiliar, I'm the Doctor. A slightly different version than the one you're used to, and let's leave it at that. And I seem to be sharing this journal with a Mr. John Smith. Very long story, and not at ALL interesting, so, moving on...

From what I've processed so far, there's a Dalek in Chicago. Do not -- I repeat, do NOT -- engage it. Don't taunt it. Don't try to kill it. Don't try to REASON with it. Stay as far away from it as possible. And if you see something that looks like a rolling pepper pot with a plunger on one end, RUN.

I'll deal with it.

== The Doctor

To: The Doctor

[This is not a journal entry, since John still hasn't figured out locking. This is, in fact, a little piece of paper with the following written on it, to be delivered in person.]


What I went through, what I felt in those dreams, is perhaps more real than anything else I've experienced, with the exception of two brief months that I had of my own. I may not have been there when it all happened, but I lived it every single night.

But then, what it really comes down to is the part where I'm not real to you, Doctor. You -- or at least the version of you I came to be somewhat familiar with -- would balk at destroying a real human. I, on the other hand, am merely an unfortunate loss, mitigated by the fact that I never had a true existence in the first place.

You know a great deal about the dreams, about what I've been through. Was your John Smith happy to die for you? Was his sacrifice worth it? Did it really not matter so much in the end who he was, what he felt?

I'm not an idiot, Doctor, whatever you might think of me. You know what would have happened to me because you went through it yourself, and a man much like me died so that you could clean up the mess you created by coming to Earth in the first place.

And I'm also well aware that you wouldn't claim certain things with authority unless you knew for a fact where a certain item was. So if you feel I'm revealing things I shouldn't about someone who was not even you, I suggest you produce the Doctor in question, and let him have it out with me in your place. I feel he and I both have quite a few things that ought to be said.